You are exposed to the advertisements every day: energy saving devices that save incredible amounts of energy varying from thermostats, to boilers and furnaces, to insulation, to windows and doors, plus many absurd new products. If the claims from the advertisers were true, the utility company would send you a check every month!

Reality is that these items do reduce energy consumption to some degree, but the claimed savings are not realized.

Do you truly want to reduce your energy costs while increasing your comfort?

Have an energy audit performed by HES. Home Evaluation Services has no hidden agenda to sell a specific product. Click here for a sample report to see what an HES Energy Audit can do for you.

Through the use of blower door testing, duct blaster testing, thermal imaging, and specialized licensed software, the certified HERS energy raters at Home Evaluation Services evaluate the entire home including air infiltration, foundations, windows and doors, insulation, mechanical equipment, and major bypasses. The software then assigns a dollar amount of energy usage per building component.

An improvement analysis is performed and a ‘shopping list’ of weatherization measures is provided in order of quickest payback to slowest payback.

The truth is each home is unique, as are the recommendations to reduce energy costs and increase comfort.