Gary Horwood – 906.362.5308

Inspections, Radon Mitigation, Blower Door Testing

With over 10 years of experience and more than 3,500 successful home inspections, I promise to inspect your home in great detail utilizing all tools and experience available.

I will not only present you with a comprehensive inspection report but also spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure you fully understand the content of the report.

– Gary Horwood, Owner/Inspector

Avoid a Mess, Call H.E.S!

Home Evaluation Services utilizes the latest technologies when providing residential home inspections, commercial inspections, energy audits, energy ratings, and building diagnostics. Who wouldn’t want to know as much as possible about their new or current home. I am an independent and provide you with an unbiased opinion about a homes current condition.

​My professional reports provide you with the answers to your questions. My reports average over 30 pages and include professional diagrams and digital photos to help you understand everything about your home.

Additional services for home inspections are also provided including well water testing, septic tests and radon testing.

Energy audits utilize several technologies including thermal imaging, blower door, duct blaster, and licensed energy software, to provide you with a ‘to do list’ of energy improvement options. Retrofit fit options are ranked in a quickest payback to slowest payback order to help you maximize your conservation measures.

Our Staff

Gordie Warchock – 906.869.8890


Gordie has been with the company since 2019 inspecting hundreds of homes in the central U.P. region.  Prior to becoming a home inspector, Gordie spent the last thirty years in law enforcement serving as a police officer in Detroit, Marquette Police Department, retiring as a Detective Captain, and Forsyth Township where he spent four years as Chief of Police.  For 24 of those years, he saw a heavy focus on investigations which has served him well when it came to investigating homes. Gordie is a 1986 graduate of  Northern Michigan University and a graduate of the American  Home Inspectors Training program.  Gordie is married to Holly and they have two daughters Stasha and Rayna. 

Gordie’s interests include: attending his daughters basketball and softball games, home remodeling, motorcycling, snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing. He has lived in the U.P for nearly 40 years and truly loves everything the U.P has to offer.

Erik Hornbogen – 906.360.4609

Inspections, Radon Mitigation

I was born and raised in Marquette. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech and I am a certified Home Inspector by American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT). I am incredibly detail oriented and driven to go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied.

I live in Marquette with my wife, son and our three dogs. On the weekends you will find us outside near the water or on one of our great trail systems enjoying the UP.