Thermal imaging is a useful tool of Home Evaluation Services to identify insulation voids in the building envelope, locate water leaks, find failures in in-floor radiant heat systems, locate heating lines in radiant systems for remodeling applications, locate air leaks in building envelope when used with blower door, and many other building diagnostic jobs.

Infrared technology can be used for an unlimited amount of applications – one thermography on the east coast even used his infrared equipment to find a lost hamster!

An infrared camera is not a stand-alone energy audit tool. It is a very useful tool in performing energy audits when used in conjunction with a blower door, duct blaster, and specialized energy audit software.

Home Evaluation Services does utilize all the above mentioned tools when performing energy audits for their customers.

*The United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO) says that radon is a worldwide health risk in homes. “Most radon-induced lung cancers occur from low and medium dose exposures in people’s homes. Radon is the second most important cause of lung cancer after smoking in many countries.”